Just because you are healthy does not mean you are done growing.

We seek to subvert the mindset that only mentally unhealthy individuals should seek guidance. We believe in the power of being brave through vulnerability. We challenge individuals to find what makes them come alive and to put their ideas into practice to make their families, workplace, and communities a better place. 

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Michelle Houghton

artist. counselor. SPEAKER. performer. 

Michelle Houghton is a connecter, do-er, and visionary, and has a heart to assist others in their growth and self discovery. She is a licensed professional counselor and creative who applies her curious and imaginative mindset to her work in the mental health field and beyond. Michelle is an Emmy award winning writer and performer for The Mystery Hour, mother to two adorable little boys, wife to a hilarious talk-show-host, and paints and shows her artwork both locally and online. She works with a non-profit called Care to Learn which provides children access to resources in the areas of health, hunger, and hygiene. Michelle believes in community, the power of artistic expression, and the transformational process of being vulnerable and open to change. 


Kate Alsup

Blogger. Writer. Speaker. Pastor.

Kate Alsup is a pastor, speaker, and intentional lifestyle advocate. She believes in using critical thinking, education, and research to help ourselves find the mindsets and thought processes that encourage meaningful and fully present living. Outside of the Bravery Board, Kate is one of the executive pastors of Center Church, and focuses on building a lifestyle based on living the gospel, family, and ethical and sustainable consumption. She is a wife to Jeremy, a mother to Benjamin Lev, and a dog person to Winston. 


Jenn Fortner

COach Speaker. Author. Photographer. Musician. 

Jenn Fortner is a professional fundraising coach to over 100 ministry workers. Jenn began her journey of coaching after working in ministry for over 10 years and raising her own support to do so. She teachers a relational approach to those she coaches, has coached over 400 mininstry workers, and has developed award winning curriculum on the subject. Jenn is also an accomplished speaker, writer, and photographer, and loves musing on the subject of community, intentionality, and relationship-building. Jenn is also a music-enthusiast, a wife to her loving husband Zach, a mother to daughter Sloane, and the self-proclaimed duchess of Pineapple Whip (Springfield, MO's beloved non-dairy ice cream / not really ice cream / way more than ice cream dessert). 


Lindsay Donaldson

Writer. Humanitarian. speaker. attorney.

Lindsay Donaldson is an expert analyzer and communicator, and puts her unique blend of skills to use by working with a number of nonprofit organizations. Attorney by training, Lindsay has chosen to opt out of traditional legal practice altogether to focus on her passion for humanitarianism through her career. She embraces opportunities to travel and collaborate on creative projects whenever possible. A ridiculously enthusiastic newbie to the sport of rock climbing, Lindsay believes in challenging the status quo and finding humor in life’s many blunderful moments. She is a big sister to three magnificently strong young women and is roommate to her cat, Oliver Hammond.


Leading, Speaking, & Training

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