Creativity Gathering: A Recap

After four months of dreaming, plotting, and planning, we hosted our first Bravery Board event last Saturday at Culture C Street, and it was everything we ever wanted it to be, and more.

The Gathering focused on the topic of creativity, which drew in people from the community seeking connection, wisdom, and inspiration.  As people started walking through the door, thankfulness flooded my body. I went from anxious anticipation to gratitude in an instant.

“This is exactly what I was looking for”
“I am hoping to meet people”
“I am so inspired”
“Thank you for doing this.”

Each comment offered insight as to why we began The Bravery Board. We have been hungry for this; longing to be creative, to laugh, to connect, to create something beautiful--- in community. A community, a movement, a board of brave people willing to put it all out there and be known.

The gathering began as Kate shared her thoughts on divergent thinkers. She set the tone event asking, “What does being creative look like to you?”

Our guest speaker, Katie Day, spoke about her journey to being a photographer, which was full of hilarious and poignant detours about marriage, improv acting, kids, graphic design, and not being naturally good at photography, at first. Her secret to living a creative life did not include natural talent, instead Katie made the case for a curious, willing, and humble spirit.

Here are all the things Katie says are better than natural talent:

Enthusiasm > talent

Curiosity  > talent

Humility > talent

Kindness > talent

Willingness > talent

Michelle shared as well, and started her talk with a reading from Rob Bell’s book, How to Be Here.  Her entire speech was raw and heartfelt, pouring so much of herself out into the audience. Her vulnerability was felt and her personal story to becoming an artist resonated with so many people. Summarizing a biblical quote, she ended by challenging the audience to not despise the day of small beginnings. We all start somewhere. It was the perfect way to kick off our first- packed house- gathering. 

 May event speakers Charity and Madison

If you came to the event, thank you for being a part of our community and for creating this with us. We are excited to watch it grow and evolve with you. We hope you join us for our next event on Dream Chasing in May where you’ll hear from Charity Reeb and myself!

Purchase your ticket here and enjoy some fun photos from the event below!


Event photos taken by Jenn Fortner.