Living with enough: The Art of Simplifying Recap

35 or so of us gathered last Saturday and were inspired to simplify our lives. We talked about boundaries with others, boundaries with ourselves, shifting from scarcity to enough, and how simplifying our stuff does a whole lot more than making our house look tidy.

Ever since Michelle and Sarah spoke, I have been thinking about how I’ve grown to be very simple. My home is minimalist. I’ve done the whole “capsule wardrobe,” I’ve sold all the excess, and am learning to be very conscious about what I say yes to in my days. In the past year I went from a total yes-woman, to a “nah, no thanks, not for me,” kind of lady. All of it feels good.

The area I’ve noticed I over-indulge, however, is the online world of information: the constant need to be absorbing information, learning, growing, and hearing the perspectives of others.

I listen to an average of 2 podcasts a day as I cook, clean, and work online. I also am a part of 5 facebook groups, read numerous blogs, always have a book in hand, and follow experts in my field on every social media outlet. I consume information like nobody’s business.  

There are so many voices coming at me every day, it’s hard to know which ones are the ones I should invest my time into. Some of them give contradicting advice and I find myself in opinion-information overload! The catch: it’s hard to know it’s even a problem, because hey, at least I’m eager to learn, right!?

Not right.

My “desire to learn” is wrapped up in my mindset that I don’t know enough to start, that I am not educated enough, and that I must learn just a little more if I want to be be an expert in my field. It’s scarcity. It’s lack. Nothing is ever enough- myself included.

The things in life we over-consume can hold us in bondage;

whether it be appointments, work, projects, clothes, education, even food.

If you find yourself living in over-consumption, examine your motive. Is your heart whispering,

Not enough, not enough, not enough, or I have everything I need?

If you’re like Michelle, maybe you need to cut back on the busy and just be still with yourself-

You are enough.

If you’re like Sarah, maybe you need to declutter and get rid of stuff room by room-

You are enough.

If you’re like me, maybe you need to select your intake elegantly and just take action.

You know enough-



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Gathering Giveaway provided by Courtney of Always Rooney!  photos by  Jenn Fortner  &  Karen Beiler

Gathering Giveaway provided by Courtney of Always Rooney!

photos by Jenn Fortner & Karen Beiler

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