The Crossroads of Should and Must Giveaway!

The next Bravery Board gathering will take place on Saturday, May 14, on the topic of chasing your dreams. In honor of this topic, we will be giving away a copy of The Crossroads and Should and Must by Elle Luna. Elle first gained attention back in 2013 with an essay published on She followed this up with her beautifully written and illustrated book that we will be GIVING AWAY to ONE SUBSCRIBER!

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One of the reasons we were so excited to give this book away is because Elle brilliantly describes what it feels like to make the realization (as so many of us have done) that we are spending our days doing the things we are supposed to, and seldom taking steps towards our dreams. By describing her journey from should  to must, she translates that feeling into a language we all understand. When we hesitate at the crossroads of should and must, we lock ourselves in prison of our own making. The good news is that there are ways out.

While Elle writes beautifully and shares inspiriting words from diverse thinkers, some of the most helpful features of this book are the action steps and exercises she provides to help with the first steps towards identifying our musts and the barriers that stand in our way. 

One person's must will look radically different than another's. For some, must will require a transition to a new career or another life change. For others, it will look like carving an hour a week out from all the should to pursue a passion. Your must is individual, and part of what makes you who you are.

Whether you're well on your way to pursuing your dreams, or wondering how to even start, we invite you to join us for our May 14 Bravery Board gathering!