Calling all speakers, do-ers, & movers!


Interested in being on our Podcast? 

We want to create a community of people who have interests and passions that can inspire others. That's what our Podcast is all about. If you are interested in being part of our podcast, contact us, and we'll be in touch. We're looking for women and men who are doing interesting and inspiring work in their businesses, creative lives, personal journeys, and beyond.


We want guest speakers! 

For those of you with something to say, we want you to say it to us! All of us! It doesn't matter if you're the best speaker on the planet or if the last time you spoke in front of a group was in your 10th grade English class. If you can cast a vision, if you have a thought-provoking idea, if you are interested in being brave and sharing your thoughts and ideas, we want to talk to you! 


Our Mission

Life is complicated. Often it takes true bravery to step up and move through it in a positive direction. The Bravery Board's mission is to offer community, inspiration, insightful information, and services to match the needs of people who desire growth, seek resiliency, hold curiosity as a value, and are eager to thrive as members of their community. 

Is that you? 

Then join us. We think you have something to say. All you have to do to be considered to write a blog post or speak at a gathering is reach out and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can have a fully-formed idea, or just have an inkling of a vision for what you want to say. We'll meet you where you're at to decide what works best. 


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